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My curiosity in connecting to the layers that create something or someone has led me to an investigative excavation in which layers of self are uncovered, reinterpreted and expressed. Ultimately my art becomes a vehicle through which internal dialogue and external communication intersect. It is the process of connecting inwardly and with humanity simultaneously. My preferred medium is encaustics -- pigmented beeswax and resin -- as it is dimensional, tactile and forgiving.  In working with encaustic wax there is a component of control over the medium as well as of allowing the wax to have its own flow. A balance exists between having an intention, a plan, and shifting with the wax toward an unexpected outcome. This echoes the beautiful, rich struggle of being alive.

Fully holding and engaging with the expression of duality, my art practice has been led by the richness of a balanced interaction of opposites…imparting stillness through movement and vibration, utilizing linear components to create textural rawness, and evoking a sense of fragility and impermanence while remaining grounded.

My latest series BREATHE encapsulates this duality by merging Japanese paper and encaustic. Born of a yearning to simplify, slow down and focus on being versus doing, this series serves as a meditation. Fire and wax, each with its own course, yields to the hand through repetition as thoughts yield to the breath. Serving as both a visual allegory and instruments of a journey, the fire and wax leave their footprints, and a story is told.



                             Photo by Sue Grubman

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