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Sabrina Armitage is an encaustic artist who was born in Vienna, Austria. She came to the US as a youngster where her family made New Orleans their home. From an early age she had a passion for sketching the world around her.  After studying Architecture, Sabrina’s curiosity shifted from understanding structural framework to exploring the framework of the human psyche. Having graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work, Sabrina began a career in Clinical Social Work in Los Angeles. 


More than a decade later Sabrina’s desire for creativity re-emerged through jewelry design which then led her to study Fine Art at Otis College of Art and Design. In 2012 Sabrina fully immersed herself into the world of encaustic painting (pigmented beeswax and resin) discovering a newly inspired passion for mixed media techniques.  Themes of resilience and adaptability weave through her work reflecting her background and desire to unfold the layers that reveal the inner landscape.

Sabrina exhibits nationally and her work is held in private collections. She is a member of the International Encaustic Artists and it’s local chapter LAX WAX. After living almost 3 decades in the South Bay she maintains ties through her membership in the South Bay Artist Collective and she volunteers at the El Segundo Museum of Art. She lives and works in the Los Angeles area.


Photo by Sue Grubman

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